bug - app resuming study sessions at a different point than where it was when session last closed

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11 Jun, 2019 11:23 PM

I stopped using the mac app back in February due to sync issues and have used the iOS app alone to give me an idea what problems are unrelated to syncing between the apps.

One recurring bug, though I can't think of any rhyme or reason to it, is as follows:

I have been very particular in how I use the app. So when I am able to study some cards during the day but have to put it aside to do other things, I always close out the study session ( using x in lower left corner) before closing the app. Then when I wish to resume studying later, I choose "Continue study session" (or however is worded). Occassionally I have had the app open a number of cards prior to where I was when I closed it. So say I closed it at card # 40 out of 100 in the session, I may find that it "Continues" the session later at card number 32, with cards 32-40 all showing the grading I gave them previously. While I have noted these occurances in case I might find some clue as to whats going on, other than that I've just had to shrug them off and skip ahead back to the point where I left off. But the opposite also occurs, where a session is "Continuing" at a point in the session a well past where I last left off. So where I may have last graded card 40 out of 100 in the session and closed the session there (and then the app), when choosing to "Continue the session " later , it may resume at card number 63 out of 100. I will have never realized it when this has happened and simply pick up with card 63, grading them until I reach the end, where it will show a pie graph with a portion of it in orange, representative of those cards 41-62 that were never graded. My reaction to this has been to close the session, and then at that point, in order to deal with the remaining cards, choose the only option that remains to me, which is to select "Study All Due Notes". A new study session is created whereby I study the remaining cards.

Today I finally said screw it , and instead of closing the session where the pie graphs shows unstudied cards remain, I decide to scroll back and see where in the deck these cards were. The problem with this is that in doing so, any cards that I have graded wrong will be changed and treated as if they are graded correct in terms of how they are scheduled for the future. So normally I wouldn't take this approach. ( This is another bug that I have already pointed out to you in a previous post on here, and is easily reproduced.) In this case, I found a group from card 48-80 that were ungraded (cards 1-47, and cards 81-158 were graded).

The only thing I could think of was that maybe the auto-scroll or "play" feature or whatever you call it was turned on by mistake while I put the phone aside for a bit, but found that cannot be the case, because I have the app set to automatically grade cards as correct when flipping from one to the next. When testing out this "play" feature on these ungraded cards, I found the app was applying my auto-grading selection to these cards. So that is not what happened.

Have you any idea what might cause this issue?

I'm planning at some point to switch over to using the mac app exclusively for a while and see if it has the same issues.

  1. Support Staff 1 Posted by drewmccormack on 12 Jun, 2019 07:34 AM

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    I don't know what could be happening there, other than perhaps some data about the location in the study session didn't save in time, and so you ended up with a different card.

    Skipping forward is harder to explain. Do you know if the card you were last studying was the same card it opened on? Ie not the number of the card, but the card itself.

    Going back through a slideshow, should certainly not regrade it. Once a note is graded, only changing the grade yourself should have any influence on the study schedule. I'm going to check this to be sure.

    Kind regards,

  2. 2 Posted by zeppo on 12 Jun, 2019 03:06 PM

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    In order to possibly gain some insight into the problems I've had with this app, I've actually been taking screenshots of the last note I was on when closing a study session (whether complete or not yet completed), the main page, and also the Library.studielib folder after closing the app each time (documenting which files were updated). Then when I reopen the app and "continue" the study session, I usually take a screenshot of the first card it opens on. Other than that I take screenshots of the cards I mark wrong. I'm pretty good about doing this and have done it for months.

    I never close an incomplete study session on a card that is graded wrong, because I know the bug I previously mentioned will cause that card to become scheduled as if it were graded correct when it is reopened (even though graphically the card still shows the red x as if it is graded wrong).

    In this case it was actually screenshot shows that the card that the continued study session opened with was the 80th, whereas the last card studied when I closed the session previously was the 46th. I did not notice that it opened on the 80th though at the time, as I was not focusing or having expectations this as a possible issue. But I did document it just out of my routine habit.

    Regarding the bug with the app scheduling notes that were graded wrong as if they were graded right, _carefully_ read my previous post in order to duplicate the issue and, more importantly, understand what the issue is. Otherwise you are just likely to make a wrong assumption about what exactly I am saying the problem is.

  3. Support Staff 3 Posted by drewmccormack on 12 Jun, 2019 03:23 PM

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    I'm afraid I can't reproduce any of the issues you bring up, so it must have to do with your large data set.

    I went through a study session, and graded a bunch of notes wrong. I then backed up in the study session, and then exited it and checked the scheduling of the notes. They were all graded incorrect, and the schedule appropriate. Was that the correct test, or did I miss something? I was trying to follow what you describe to the letter.

    I also tested quitting the app when on a slide, and then opening and continuing. It went to the correct note.

    Do you have sync turned off altogether now? One way I could imagine this type of thing arising is when changes come in from a different device, or even if the current device tried to sync and there was an ugly failure. So best is to turn it off altogether if you aren't using it, and also clear the cloud data.


  4. 4 Posted by zeppo on 12 Jun, 2019 04:42 PM

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    Sync has been turned off and the cloud cleared of data since February , the only file remaining being a (although even if you go to Manage Storage and delete it the cloud file, a 2.4kb file will always be recreated and remain-- you can't get rid of it, so that is all that remains in the cloud storage. I assume its a placeholder of some kind).

    There are different ways to recreate the issue, but I would start with the simplest.

    Test with notes with only one facet capable of being a prompt. Don't use reversible notes. Don't skip this instruction.

    First, you need to open an iOS Studies app that has due notes scheduled and studied daily. You may be able to duplicate it by just turning on scheduling to create new notes due, but if it doesn't duplicate the issue, then you'll have to at least grade the new due notes today, leave scheduling on, and then try testing with the due notes stack that is created tomorrow. It would be best if the notes already have a scheduling history.

    On the home screen, allow the days due notes to fully generate, and take note of number of them that follows Due for Study. (for example, lets say it shows you have 100 notes Due for Study).

    Tap the play icon to go to the Choose Study screen and then tap "All Due Notes".

    Allow the first card in the study stack to appear (noting which one it is), and then without grading the card, simply touch the X in the lower left corner to close the study session.

    Now that you are back on the home screen, after waiting a second, Due for Study will now update to show one card less due than before, even though you did not grade a card. (so if it was 100, now it will show 99. This will not be the case however if instead of "All Due Notes" as I instructed, you previously chose "Continue ...", because the card would have already appeared with a grade of correct)

    Check the scheduling on the card. It will show the card as having been graded correct with future scheduling based on it having been graded correct. So what really is important here is to NOTE THE DATE FOR "NEXT SCHEDULED" . (caps for emphasis, not to shout). This date is based on the card having been graded CORRECT.

    Tap on the play icon to return to the Choose Study page, and this time select "Continue Study."

    The app should open on the first card of the previous study session which was ungraded when you exited, but it will now show as having been graded correct with a green check mark.

    Change the grade to incorrect. Close the session by tapping on the X in the lower left corner. (You can advance the next one in the session first if you want, it makes no difference to what will happen).

    Now check the scheduling on the card. The "recent run" on the card will show that it was last graded as incorrect (1 incorrect"). BUT "NEXT SCHEDULED" WILL HAVE NOT CHANGED. IT WILL STILL SHOW THE SAME DATE THAT WAS GENERATED WHEN THE CARD WAS FIRST GRADED AS CORRECT. (again, emphasis, not shouting)

    Note: obviously if you use notes with no previous scheduling history and the app doesn't distinguish between how it next schedules a new card, correct or incorrect, and schedules the card to be studied again one day later regardless of the answer, then you won't be able to see the problem. I don't know off hand how the app schedules a new note that has been graded correct, but I could easily see programming it to test the a card again the very next day in the case of a new note even if it had been graded correct on the first pass..

  5. Support Staff 5 Posted by drewmccormack on 12 Jun, 2019 04:55 PM

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    > Now that you are back on the home screen, after waiting a second, Due for Study will now update to show one card less due than before, even though you did not grade a card. (so if it was 100, now it will show 99. This will not be the case however if instead of "All Due Notes" as I instructed, you previously chose "Continue ...", because the card would have already appeared with a grade of correct)
    The fact that the note is graded when you exit is by design. It basically applies the same process as when you move to the next card. The reason for that is that otherwise many people would get to the end of a study session, and exit, and would have one note still due. This seemed the lesser of two evils.

    I will go through your prescription and see what I can find out.


  6. 6 Posted by zeppo on 12 Jun, 2019 06:54 PM

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    Not a big deal with it grading a card correct when you exit (though I wouldn't opt for it and would instead just make someone that forgot to grade the last card go back in and grade it), but its the fact that once a card has been graded as correct and you have exited or advanced to the next card, the scheduling will reflect that of a card that has been graded correct, and that scheduling will not be corrected if you want to go back change the grade to incorrect.

  7. Support Staff 7 Posted by drewmccormack on 13 Jun, 2019 06:45 AM

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    I have reproduced what you describe. I need to investigate whether it is really a bug, or that it was made like that for a reason. Will let you know.

  8. Support Staff 8 Posted by drewmccormack on 13 Jun, 2019 07:38 AM

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    OK, found the bug, and fixed it. Will be in the next release.

    Thanks for reporting it and giving me clear instructions to track it down.

    Kind regards,

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  10. zeppo re-opened this discussion on 13 Jun, 2019 02:34 PM

  11. 9 Posted by zeppo on 13 Jun, 2019 02:34 PM

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    That was the bug I reported in January. But do you have any idea of what might be causing this bug of the study sessions opening at different points further ahead or further behind in the study deck than where it was left off? Anything further I could keep an eye on for the next time it occurs?

  12. Support Staff 10 Posted by drewmccormack on 13 Jun, 2019 02:38 PM

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    No, I don’t know exactly what could cause that, and I haven’t been able to reproduce it.

    One thing that might do it is if you deleted the note that you were on, but I doubt you are doing that, right?

    How reproducible is it? Do you see this happen every time, or just sometimes?


  13. 11 Posted by zeppo on 13 Jun, 2019 04:37 PM

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    No notes were deleted.

    I haven't noticed any possible rhyme or reason for it, and don't know how to reproduce it. The cards that are skipped over do not appear to have any thing in common about them that would make them the ones that are skipped. But since they are skipped consecutively as a group which are "shuffled" in a random manner (or is at least designed to appear random) it make sense that the value for whatever variable/pointer is used as the placemarker for the users last point in the deck is being changed. Or, if that variable/pointer is itself based on an arithmetic of some other variable/pointer representative of the first or last card in the study deck (ie, 0 or 1 for the first and 133, etc for the last) then maybe somehow in this particular bit of code 0, 1 or 133 is being changed-- ie Place_In_Deck = lastCardInDeck - numberLeftUnstudied, or Place_In_Deck = firstCardInDeck + numberStudied, etc etc. I'm just totally speculating on things that come to mind not knowing the code of course, but I would be looking at the code to see how those variables appear elsewhere or how values passed to them could be altered elsewhere or at least try to add some extra certainty that they can't be changed.

    I'll review the history I've saved when I have some spare time and see if there any sign of some common trigger. Actually one thing I would have thought could affect it is allowing the app to be open and in an active study session when the clock turns midnight and the app generates new due notes. This has been problematic in the past , particularly being followed by sync issues or a crash within a couple of days, and I've just tried to avoid it at all costs. I rarely allow this to happen, when i accidentally lose track of time. But it hasn't happened recently. (It doesn't seem to be a problem when sync is turned off and the iOS app is the only one being used). The one thing I did do recently was turn on long-term study scheduling for an 11 note deck and then a day or two later, turned it on for another 45 note deck. But the number of cards involved doesn't correspond to the number of cards skipped, 33, and the cards that were skipped are from a variety of decks.

    PS: Regarding the other bug where I said to use non-reversible notes, I'll now just add that the problem does affect reversible notes as well, but I just wanted to remove from the equation any confusion about which facet's scheduling data was being viewed.

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  15. zeppo re-opened this discussion on 19 Sep, 2019 01:04 AM

  16. 12 Posted by zeppo on 19 Sep, 2019 01:04 AM

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    Turns out opting to "Continue Study" while the phone is held horizontally causes this issue when the study session opens in portrait mode. The session will open much earlier in the deck with cards you have already studied and graded, rather than with the card you were actually on when you last closed the study session. I don't know that there is any rhyme or reason as to how far back it goes, but it is repeatable.

  17. Support Staff 13 Posted by drewmccormack on 19 Sep, 2019 06:42 AM

    drewmccormack's Avatar

    Ah, that fully explains it. It is calculating the position using the wrong screen width, so it ends up earlier. Very useful.

    Now I should be able to fix it reasonably easily. Thanks!

    Kind regards,

  18. 14 Posted by zeppo on 19 Nov, 2019 02:16 AM

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    after a crash, I would get an option to send a crash report or not, or to set it to *always* send a report.
    I accidentally chose "always send", but I don't want this option selected.
    How do I change it back to prompt me for permission, instead of always sending it?

  19. Support Staff 15 Posted by drewmccormack on 19 Nov, 2019 09:05 AM

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    Gah, I don’t know that it is possible. That is a special crash testing framework, not our own code.

    I guess it may be possible for me to guide you to where the preferences are stored in a file with a tool like iExplorer to remove the file, which will reset it.

    Is there a reason not to send them? They have no personal data attached, or any data of the app. They are just code stack traces showing where the crash happened.

    Kind regards,

  20. 16 Posted by zeppo on 21 Nov, 2019 02:04 AM

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    I think that if I make it prompt me whether or not to send them, I am alerted that it was indeed a crash that occurred (as opposed to some inadvertent action).  Whereas if I opt to send them always, it just sends it with no notification that a crash has occurred.
    I think the best way to reset it is to uninstall the app and then reinstall.  Seems like Apple would have some setting though, but I guess not.
        On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, 04:05:34 AM EST, drewmccormack <[email blocked]> wrote:

  21. Support Staff 17 Posted by drewmccormack on 21 Nov, 2019 07:50 AM

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    Really, any time you are sent back to the home screen with the app icons, without clicking home or swiping the bottom of the screen, it was a crash.

    I don’t know of a way of resetting it. Maybe a google search would bring something up.

    Kind regards,

  22. 18 Posted by zeppo on 21 Nov, 2019 04:15 PM

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    It's obvious if it happens when I'm looking at it, but sometimes it happens I'll have the app open in a study session and phone in my hands but am looking away at something else. Then I look down and I'm on the phone's home screen or the app's home screen, and I'm wondering if I somehow accidentally exited the study session or the app while I was looking away.  My uncertainty would be answered by the prompt as to whether the crash report or not.  
    I can also scroll through to check the reports in Privacy > Analytics Data.  So not a big deal, just a matter of convenience to me.

        On Thursday, November 21, 2019, 02:50:23 AM EST, drewmccormack <[email blocked]> wrote:

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