I can't import a Study Archive file that I created

The most common problems are

  1. The zip file cannot be opened by Mental Case. This might be the case if you use Windows to compress the file. You could try some different zip options if you are using Windows.
  2. The text files are in a format that Mental Case can’t handle. They must be plain text — not Rich Text (RTF) or Microsoft Word format (DOC, DOCX) — and it is best to use a unicode format like UTF8 or UTF16. On a Mac, this usually works fine, but on Windows, you might have to look at your save options, or choose to export in a different format.

You can test to see where the problem lies as follows

1) Take an archive exported by Mental Case, unzip it, and then zip it up again. If you can’t import that, then the zip options are the problem.
2) If zipping works OK, try editing one word of the exported text, save, zip, and see if you can import that archive. If that doesn’t work, the text file format it wrong.