Mental Case seems to get stuck after I turn on iCloud. What should I do?

iCloud data can take a few minutes to sync up between devices, and longer if you have a particularly large Mental Case library.

After you turn on iCloud on one Mac, it is best to wait 5-10 minutes before trying it on another Mac, to allow the data to be copied up to Apple's servers, and then back down to your second Mac.

When you do turn on iCloud on the second Mac, it may take several minutes to sync up with Apple's servers. It can seem like Mental Case is frozen, but try to be patient, and just wait.

If after 15 minutes it is still loading, you could consider quitting the app, waiting 15 minutes, launching it again, and again trying to turn on iCloud.

If all of this fails, try rebooting your Mac, waiting 15 minutes, and again trying to turn on iCloud syncing in Mental Case.

Finally, with all else failed, you can try this:

1) Press the Reset button in the iCloud settings on each Mac and iOS device that is syncing
2) Wait 10 minutes
3) Press Reset on all devices again
4) Turn on sync one device at a time, waiting about 10 minutes between each

If this again fails to load after 15 minutes or so, please contact