Mental Case shows no data when it launches

If you have sync turned on in Mental Case, this problem can arise due to corruption of the sync data, perhaps after a crash.

If you think that might be the problem, you can try these steps.

  1. Quit MC if it is running
  2. Click on Finder
  3. Choose Go > Go to Folder
  4. Enter this exactly. (There is a single space after 'Application'.)
    ~/Library/Containers/com.mentalfaculty.mentalcase.mac/Data/Library/Application Support/com.mentalfaculty.mentalcase.mac
  5. You should see a folder called com.mentalfaculty.ensembles.eventdata. Drag it to the Trash.
  6. Launch MC, and go into Preferences to turn on Sync again.

If this does not work, contact for assistance.