Moving your Mental Case Data to a different location

In general, it is not advisable to move your Mental Case Library data. Mac OS X uses a security measure known as Sandboxing, and it is possible this could interfere with Mental Case if you move the data.

Instead of moving the data, you might find you can reduce how much data is there. Mental Case makes occasional backups, and you could clear some or all of those. To learn more, click here.

If you are determined to move the data, you will need some technical skills. Here is how you can do it with a symbolic link.

  1. Quit Mental Case
  2. Click on Finder
  3. Choose Go > Go to Folder, and enter


  4. Locate the folder com.mentalfaculty.mentalcase.mac and drag it to your desired location.

  5. If OS X makes a copy, rather than moving the folder, drag the original folder to your Desktop out of the way.

  6. Open the Terminal utility

  7. Type in this command (all one line)

    ln -s /Users/[username]/Desktop/com.mentalfaculty.mentalcase.mac [parentfolder]/com.mentalfaculty.mentalcase.mac

You need to put your own username in place of [username]. Also, you need to replace [parentfolder] with the full path to the folder where you dragged the data.

(One way to get the full path is to drag the folder from Finder into the Terminal. This puts the path in the Terminal.)

That is all you should need to do. It is quite technical, so it is not advised unless you have reasonably advanced computer skills.

If something goes wrong, put back the folder you dragged where it was.