My notes become due more often than I would expect. Why?

Even though it may seem quite simple from a user perspective, Mental Case 2 has very advanced learning scheduling. It schedules every combination of facets in a note independently, which means one combination may appear one day, and the next day or next time your refresh due notes, another combination may appear. This may make it seem like the same note is appearing very often, which is true, but in each case it is a different combination of facets.

To give a concrete example, imagine you have English-French notes. You can study these both directions, so both facets are potential prompts. Mental Case 2.0 will schedule the English-to-French combination independent of the French-to-English combination. It's possible that you study English-to-French one day, and get it right, but the very next day — sooner than you would expect — the French-to-English combination appears. This is how Mental Case has been designed, is perfectly normal, and will ensure you know every combination to a high level over time.