Can I keep using Mental Case 1.9?

Mental Case 2.3 and later is a sandboxed app. It migrates your data in from Mental Case 1.9 when you first launch it. Unfortunately, this moves your Mental Case 1.9 data, so you will no longer see it in version 1.9 if you open that app.

It is possible to get back that data for version 1.9, so you can use the two apps separately. To do so, go to this folder

<User Home>/Library/Containers/com.mentalfaculty.mentalcase.mac/Data/Library/Application Support/Mental Case

The Library folder is hidden by default, so to see it, select Finder, then choose the menu Go > Go to Folder and enter


Once you have located the library, copy the Library.mentalcaselib file to

<User Home>/Library/Application Support/Mental Case

Use the same menu in Finder to find the folder.

Again, we would prefer you not have to do this, but it is a requirement of Apple's sandboxing feature in Mountain Lion.

If you do this, you can continue to use Mental Case 1.9, though any changes you make will not appear in Mental Case 2.3 or later. If you want your changes in Mental Case 2.3, you would need to export them from 1.9, and import them into 2.3 or later.

If the Mac App Store removed your copy of Mental Case 1.9, and you would like to have a copy, please contact and we will arrange a copy for you.