How can I see facets reversed in a study session?

Studies allows you to study notes with the facets in reverse order, but it doesn't work for all notes. You may need to adapt your notes a bit to use this option.

There is a step you have to take before Studies will reverse the facets. Namely, you have to indicate which notes can have their facets reversed. For some notes, it makes sense to reverse the facets (e.g. language study cards), and others it doesn't (e.g. Question & Answer style).

On the Mac, there is a Q button top-left on each facet. If that is selected, it means that facet may appear first, as the prompt/question. You need to ensure that that button is selected for each facet that should be allowed to be shown first in the study session.

A quick way to change this for a whole stack of notes is to use a template. Double click the stack, and choose the template 'Reversible Note'. When asked, apply it to the existing notes.

Once you have ensured your notes are 'allowed' to be displayed with their facets swapped around, you should be able to start a new study session with reversed facets.