How to reset Studies sync

If you have issues with the iCloud sync in Studies, first check this list:

  1. Are you logged in with the same iCloud account on all devices?
  2. Is iCloud Drive turned on on each device, and if you click 'Manage', can you see if Studies has access to it.
  3. Is your iCloud Storage full?
  4. Is your device or Mac storage full?
  5. Have you been patient? First sync can take a while, especially with lots of data. Just plugging in and waiting, with the app in the foreground, can often solve the issue.

If none of that helps, you could try resetting the data before contacting us:

  1. On each of your devices, go into the Studies app, and into the sync settings, and click the Reset button. Wait until a message appears telling you to reset your other devices as well. This could take several minutes.
  2. Once you have finished that, wait 20 minutes
  3. Go in and press Reset again on each device, and again wait for the message
  4. On your Mac (assuming you have one), switch on the sync switch. Wait for the first upload. It could take a long time if you have a lot of data. The spinner needs to go around fully twice. It is not fully ready until you can click it, and it goes around in about a second
  5. After the Mac is done, turn on sync on any iPad/iPhone, one device at a time. Wait for the blue bar to go across fully twice. Again tapping the button should go across in a second or two, and at that point it should be up to date. You probably want to have the device plugged into power during this time.

If the problem persists, and you think it is due to having too much data to sync, you could try excluding stacks from the sync. Studies supports selective sync. If part of your data is not actively being studied, you can exclude it from the sync and keep it only on one device or Mac. That can help speed up the sync a lot. If you ever want to study the data again, just include it in the sync again, and it will transfer to the other devices.

If that fails to help, contact us.