How to Migrate Away from Setapp

Studies is available via the subscription Setapp service, but due to the way Setapp works, your data gets stored in a different location. If you want to stop using Setapp, and keep using your Studies data with a version from our web site or the Mac App Store, you should first move your data across using Finder. Here is how.

  1. Quit Studies if it is running
  2. Click on Finder
  3. Choose Go > Go to Folder
  4. Enter ~/Library/Containers
  5. See if there is a folder there called com.mentalfaculty.studies.mac. If there is, you must have launched the regular Studies app at some point (non-Setapp version). Assuming there is no important data in there, drag it to the Trash.
  6. Now locate the folder called com.mentalfaculty.studies-setapp
  7. Rename the com.mentalfaculty.studies-setapp folder to com.mentalfaculty.studies.mac
  8. Launch a version of Studies from the Mac App Store or our web site (non-Setapp version).